Working and Studying

In Newfoundland many people are employed in industries such as government services, education, retail and support services for the manufacturing, mining and fishing sectors. The processing of fish and the manufacture of wood products are important industries. There is a large pulp and paper mill at Corner Brook. Since the mid-1990's, tourism has become a large part of the economy.

Labrador is rich in mineral resources (iron, copper, gold, oil, natural gas, nickel, and cobalt), timber, and waterpower. Mining of the large iron reserves in the southwest began in the 1950s. The province provides about half of Canada's iron ore. There is a large hydroelectric project at Churchill Falls. Oil fields, discovered off the Newfoundland coast, began production in 1997.

Employment in the Deer Lake area is mainly through the airport, pulp & paper industry, regional hospital, government sectors and the retail industry.